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2014 Reading Challenge
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Doctor Who Clues for the finale? Spoilers ahead (maybe!). :)





So, going through caps tonight, and um, who the fuck is standing by the shed? Moffception? A production error (though why would someone from production be in that spot? Honestly.)


ETA: And the figure is laying down after the Doctor gets shot. Looking less like a production error.

Reblogging because in light of Saturday this is SUPER RELEVANT. I posted this four months ago. And I just wanna repost it - and point out that I think this is totally right. I do think that is some version of the Doctor behind that shed. Yup.

I just want to point out that this is most definitely NOT a production error, because look at one of the promos for The Impossible Astronaut:

At first I assumed it was just meant to be one of the Silence (or whatever the race of mind-wiping aliens is actually called), but now that I found this post I’m definitely going with no, that is not meant to be one of the Silence.

OH MY GOD THE DETAIL. If this turns out to be relevant (seriously thinking IT IS) then dear lord. THIS is what I love Moffat for. LAKDJFWOEIRUWOTET. SATURDAY. NOW!

(via timevictorious)

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    Obviously the Doctor wanted to make sure that the Flesh!Doctor went through with the deal…
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    Looks like the fucking slenderman to me.
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    fffffffff all the emotions omg cannot do
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    It’s like those shadow figures that stood behind the Pandorica watching the two Amy’s in The Big Bang! :O
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